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(CN - sizes and size mind fucker-ry)
I know that clothing sizes in general are awful. I own clothes from the same company (Mexx) and I can get into S M L LX, and it doesn’t make sense.

I’m experimenting with ordering clothes online and I didn’t realize I am plus size. At first I was like, really? A dress size 10-16 is now plus size? Have have misunderstood plus sized?

My mom and I are the same size, and she was like no, and then we looked at the measurements and yup, the store had labelled it has a plus sized and therefore an online exclusive and 10 bucks more expensive.:(



the plus size site was way nicer and the sizes closer to my actual size. Like if it follows the measurements I am getting very nicely fitting dress. I can get into XXXL in the ‘junior’ size (isn’t that for children hottopic?) , but the measurements seem to be all boob and no waist, so it would look like shit on me.

AND they had a shirt I wanted and looked super cool.

So did sizes change? Or is the part of the grand conspiracy of self hatred and mind fuckery promoted by the fashion industry?


Oh the dress in question. It’s from the new Harry Potter movie. Hot topic is a weird store, Torrid was better designed.

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