Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Story time! Feel free to ignore it and talk about whatever haha

It’s snowing. Kids had an early release because of the weather and I was scheduled to pick them up. Buuuuuut apparently I’m still a little traumatized from an accident I got into last winter on the street where they live, because as soon as the snow started I got really nauseous and nervous. I was still going to try and bring them home, packed my lunch and phone charger and a book and everything, and drove to the school. When I passed the side road to get to their side road, it hadn’t been plowed or sanded or anything yet. I called their dad when I got to school (he works closer than their mom does) and told him I didn’t feel safe driving them, so I brought them to the library and he met us there. He just texted me and said that the road was almost impassable, even for him, and that he really appreciated me calling him. I love that my nanny fam is so flexible and willing to work with me on this stuff. Added bonus, the kids got their homework done while I had them so now they can play in the snow! And now I’m home watching Archer and trying to stop shaking.


So happy OT!

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