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Have We Really Not Talked About Avril Lavigne's "Hello Kitty" Yet?

I did a quick search, so forgive me if I'm wrong, but I can't believe we haven't discussed this hot-bed of cultural appropriation and horrifically shitty lyrical content yet.*

I don't even know how to begin forming thoughts about this, but I've heard the song enough times that it's stuck in my head and I can't tell if I'm starting to like it, or if it's so basic that it's just easy to hum.


Either way, following the video being temporarily yanked from YouTube due to allegations of racism (it's back now), the Japanese Embassy has announced that they feel Lavigne had "good intentions," and if this entices people to come visit Japan, they don't mind.

For me... growing up in Vancouver, I know a lot of white girls who LOVE Japanese culture. They read manga, they sign up for Japanese language classes, they go for sushi on the regular... in other words, bless them, they're basically taking a trip through Disney Japan and pretending that they genuinely understand and embrace the country's culture.

But is that what Avril's doing here? Maybe, maybe not.

Apparently her last album's sales tanked everywhere except for Japan, so the cynical part of me says that this was just a truly terrible attempt at pandering to the last audience she has.


Avril, on the other hand, laughed off "racism" allegations in the whitest and most oblivious way possible:


So who knows? She could just be a terrible weeabo and not a businesswoman trying to salvage her career. Either option is the worst.

But since we haven't talked about this yet (I think?) it's open season. What's your take, GT?


*I know it's been on the MP, but since I can't post there and, as a result, don't read it much I figured we could still have a GT conversation about it.

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