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Disclaimer: I don’t know anything about these ppl in real life. White colonizers are not that deep to me, so I’m only talking about them as characters within the context of the show.

Margret is my fav.

David, is hilarious to me. He is also the embodiment of #Pettywap

I feel like a lot of people hate Philip, but I don’t. I empathize with him. With that said he is a whiny crybaby. I think you hate Philip if you believe that he doesn’t really love her or his family, and I don’t. Which shout out to Matt Smith for turning in a really strong performance.

Shout to claire foy who kills it as well. I think it takes a really strong actress to portray someone shy and mild mannered cause it’s really easy to make them vacant, but this is not the case. I deeply deeply empathize with Elizabeth from the jump and find her charming.