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Have you heard of this Cumberbatch guy? He's kind of amazing!

Just kidding. I know you all know about him even if you hate him, because everyone is always talking about either how amazing he is, or else how they just don't get it. I rewatched the 6 episodes of Sherlock available to us in the US on Netflix Streaming over the weekend, and I just fell in love all over again. WITH EVERYONE.

Obviously, I love Sherlock because he has that voice, and he's so strangely handsome, and brilliant, and an utter asshole, because that's what I like. And why I'll never be happy. :'(


But all the other characters too! Of course I love Martin Freeman, because I'm human, and I really enjoy the relationship between Sherlock and Watson.

And Mrs. Hudson and Detective LeStrade are great characters and friends of Sherlock, and I'm pretty sure Molly Hooper is my spirit animal.


And finally, fuck yeah, James Moriarty. Handsome, brilliant, asshole, Irish accent. 5 stars!


All that being said, I mostly made this post so I could include the final gif, which I can't stop laughing about. For all you Cumberbatch-haters.


Have you gone on any nostalgic streaming binges lately? Do you have any favorite Sherlock gifs? Please share!

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