(Warning: Long post filled with shameless plugging ahead)

I'm pretty sure some of you guys are familiar with the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, the rather excellent Pride & Prejudice adaptation that played out on youtube and wrapped up about a year ago. And some of you probably know that they kicked off a spate of other youtube vlog adaptations. The biggest one was probably the Autobiography of Jane Eyre, which I never really followed, but my favorite right now is Nothing Much To Do, a fabulous little Kiwi adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing.

It's so good, you guys. It's one of those rare projects where the low production values kind of help because it feels more natural that way. It might not be for everyone, especially if you aren't used to watching vlogs or have a low tolerance for teenager-types, but it does what it's trying to do really well. They have three separate channels running simultaneously: Hero and Beatrice's channel, a channel for Benedick (& co.), and another one run by Ursula with occasional help from Dogberry and Verges.


Benedick's early vlogs are actually kind of painful to watch sometimes, because they are exactly what you'd expect a kind of weird teenage boy who'd just started vlogging to upload. It doesn't feel nearly as forced as a lot of the other adaptations do, there aren't any surprise billionaires or anything like that, and the plot of Much Ado works surprisingly well in high school. It feels like a bunch of teenagers vlogging about their lives just because. They've also done a really nice job of subtly working in the side scenes, so you might get to see John plotting in the background of one of Dogberry and Verge's videos.


All the actors are great, and they've done a wonderful job of translating a lot of the ickier plot points from the play to modern times, such as several allusions to Claudio's jealousy issues.

And if any of this sounds interesting to you, now is the time to catch up! They're heading into the end game now, as Hero's birthday is in roughly a week, and the shit is about to hit the fan in a major way. There's about three hours worth of footage on the full playlist, so get to it! Shoo! Away!