Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I don’t know about you guys but, this morning, I woke up happier than I’ve been since the election. Participating in the march was affirming and I left with some specific action plans to tackle.

But... this “alternative facts” thing has just about dropped me back down to hopelessness. How do we argue with people who make no sense? Who have no sense of decency? I literally cannot imagine how Kellyanne Conway can sleep at night. How can she look her kids in the face, knowing the future she’s creating for them? I feel like she’s smart enough to understand the lasting repercussions of this type of behavior but maybe not... All I can think of is the “shame” scene from GoT.


Going back to the classroom after winter break took just about everything I had. How do I talk about this stuff with my students in a way that all students (even supporters of he who shall not me named) can actually hear what needs to be said? Any ideas or links or anything encouraging is welcome.

As far as encouraging you guys (and not being a total Debbie Downer), I thought I’d share my favorite signs from yesterday: One awesome sign said, “Tweet others as you’d like to be tweeted” and my favorite just said, “Oy.”

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