XO Jane, a site that I discovered during the first commenting revolt of Jezebel, has a bad habit of publishing terrible articles. Their latest foray into shock journalism is this piece about a woman who is in love with her co-worker, who is already in a relationship.

Now, on the surface, it would seem that it (aside from the writing) isn’t that bad. That is until you find out that it was originally published with the author’s real name. A name that led you to the public Facebook account of both the author and the object of her dreams, who she names in the article.

After some ridiculous internet rage, which included death threats, the XO team decided to remove the author’s name and updated her bio so that it no longer included her Facebook link. But I’m nosy and if you are too, you can still connect all of the electronic pieces.

All I can say is girl, you in trouble. And I would love to be a fly in that office today, cause you know shit went down when her internet flame and his girlfriend caught wind of her crazy.