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Oh, my goodness it’s heinous! I don’t watch enough TV to say whether it’s new or old but it’s for sure disgusting. It’s a pregnant middle-aged man shown in a variety of settings. He’s riding a bus and people feel sorry for him and give up their seats, he’s lying in bed with his wife while she rubs his hairy pregnant belly, he’s watching TV and crying, and finally he and his wife are in an airport or something and he grabs his belly and runs off like he’s about to give birth. When he comes back, his belly is flat and you see he’s been to the men’s room and FIBER ONE flashes on the screen with a voiceover saying it will keep you regular.

Who on earth thought this was a good idea?! I do NOT want to eat cereal that makes me think of poop babies!! So gross!!

What commercials do you think are nasty?

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