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Have you seen your therapy notes?

GT, I want to know what therapists’ notes look like!

...You see, I am exceedingly curious about my own therapist’s notes, but more than that, I am chicken.


I have been in therapy for just over a year trying to deal with ptsd. Last October I managed to get most of my story out to her (in writing only).

I’m just now coming out of my most recent episode of what she calls “decompensation” (which I think means a setback?) triggered by something at work.

Due to this recent trigger, and the fact that she now knows so much about my trauma, I find myself overly concerned with what my therapist thinks of me. How can I look her in the eye, and vice-versa, you know?


I really, really, realllllly want to know what kinds of things she might be writing down in our sessions. I think it would help ease my mind a bit just to have an idea. It’s not knowing that I often find the hardest. At the same time, there is absolutely NO WAY I will ask to see mine or even tell her what I’ve said here. Just can’t do it.

Back to the point: I’ve asked The Oracle (aka Google) for sample therapy notes - completed or blank - to no avail.


So, I was wondering if any of you have seen your therapy notes, and could tell me a bit about them, just so I can picture what sorts of things she is capturing? Or, do you know where I could find sample therapy notes?

I am obsessing over this and I would be forever grateful for any insight you’d be willing to share!


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