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Have you temporarily left your family for work or school?

This got long, so here’s a silly kitty.

So, some of you have heard my job and career woes. Here’s the short version: I have a doctorate in a branch of psychology and have been working in that field for over a decade. At my last job, I was unofficially promised help with an important step on the way to my goal of becoming licensed in my field. They reneged and I was over the 2-year limit for working without a license. I got in trouble with the state board and lost my job. I received a letter from the organization I worked for that I was not fired for incompetence or insubordination, at least. I was unemployed for six months, got a job in retail and then an administrative job, making half of what I made at my job and also less than I did on unemployment. This is the survival job I’ve mentioned, the one that just hired me, rescuing me from temp limbo.


From where I sit right now, there are two paths to get licensed in my field. The first is to shoehorn myself into a slightly different branch of psychology by taking a $2,000 course online and getting a job that will offer the help I need. For me, on what I make, $2,000 might as well be $20,000. I could save that in a year and a half, maybe. Provided I pass the necessary exams, I come out with a license that’s a couple rungs below where I could be, with respect to pay.

The other option, that could start next fall if I get application materials in this fall, would give me the help I need toward licensure. I’d be paid more than I’m making now. The problem is that it’s about 2 hours away from home and I don’t have that kind of commute left in me. I’d have to rent a room somewhere for the week and come home on the weekends. I’m sure it doesn’t sound like much to some people, but this is a significant hurdle for me. I’d be leaving my kiddo during the week and only seeing her on the weekends, hopefully somewhat present. The whole arrangement sounds so incredibly stressful to me that it’s really scary. This has been one of the causes of my recent insomnia.

I’ll probably go with Option 2 because it’s a more direct path and would put me partially where I want to be (I’d still have to get a job after, but the license makes me much more marketable). I just want to hear that other people have done something similar and it worked out ok.

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