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Have you worked in pubs/restos? I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.

Following on from a comment made recently by "North of the river" Jenny Apples, I was reminded of something I think about at least every single time I go out ever.

If you've worked in a pub or restaurant, CAN YOU TELL which people are eating out as just friends, which are on a first date, maybe at the beginning of the relationship, and which people have been together for years? People all within the same age range, say 25-35 (I JUST PICKED RANDOM NUMBERS OKAY?). It counts as cheating if you can overhear really awkward small talk between them, but I am still nosy to know any anecdotes.


This is one of my favourite games to play when Mr Kay Kay and I go out to eat or have a drink (which is around three times a week at the weekends). Mr Kay Kay has little interest in this game though, and although sometimes he plays along to keep me happy, I can tell in his heart he just doesn't see what all the excitement is about.

MKK and I have have been together for over three years, and I sometimes think "do we look like we've known each other a long time? Or a new couple?". Probably not since he can order my drink without even looking at me (Rosé. Always rosé). Sometimes the game is hard. Especially when it's two people of the opposite sex who are just friends - people rarely seem to have dinner with just one person if they're just friends here, so I normally assume couple. BUT WHAT IF THEY'RE ACTUALLY RELATED?


The possibilities are (not quite) endless.

RELATED ANECDOTE: This weekend we went out on friday (Saturday me hated Friday me), and were hanging out with some good friends, but also a bunch of people we didn't know. We are by no means a sickening couple (smooching all over the place, or groping each other or weird nicknames in front of other people) but I always thought we were pretty affectionate in public.


I started chatting to one girl hours into the evening, and she gestured to MKK and asked me "hey, do you know him"? to which I was like "I hope so. We've been together for three years" and she was clearly pretty taken aback. I was too drunk to handle it properly, so commenced a summary in bad french on how we met, as I kind of felt obliged to provide evidence that I was his girlfriend. I'm sure she was fascinated.

Later that night, as we were moving to a different bar, a completely different girl started chatting to MKK whilst I was further ahead and asked "so is that girl hoping to dance with you?" whilst pointing at me. He replied "I think it's a bit more than that" (which in hindsight makes no sense dude). The conversation didn't go anywhere because there was a dog, so he called me back so I could play with it.


So in summary, I guess we don't look much like a couple, which bemuses me.

TELL ME YOUR ANECDOTES! I have a cold and feel sad.

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