So of course the nuKinja 3.7 sucks balls. Oh, and veterinary bills suck ass as well (worse than balls, unless you're into that sort of thing).

People's donations made a huge difference! Seriously!

There's something about looking at a payment schedule that if I DON'T make it horribly high interest rates will be heaved upon me... that kinda sucks a hole where my insides used to be.

And though I love my husband, he's doing fucking nothing to help with this outside of 200-300 dollars for part of a chemo visit (I just started paying for chemo in cash since that didn't put me in greater risk with the CareCredit card).

Madison's doing great as well. I'm trying to discipline her for attacking the big fat white cat which feels weird since she's got/had cancer and all.


Oh, and being back in the greys on the main sites suck. Feel like my past has been erased.

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