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Having a meltdown

You know when something makes you so mad that you can’t understand why everyone else isn’t talking about it? That’s how I’m feeling about the heartbeat bill that just passed.

I’m not a full human being in this country anymore. Just a broodmare waiting for a man to rape me into having his kids.


They’re going to do everything in their power to take away all my rights. You think they’ll stop at abortion? Ha. They’ve already demonized birth control. Pharmacists don’t have to give you anything if it hurts their religious fee-fees. Oh, and they also want to tax single mothers. I’ve seen the Trumper comments about it. Mostly men and men pretending to be women behind hot-girl avatars. All calling women sluts and talking about ‘personal responsibility’ as if they’ve never made a mistake in their entire damn life.

Women shouldn’t have sex before marriage. But if you reject a man’s advances, you’re a stupid slut (somehow?) and now he’s justified in killing you because male ego. If you do have sex and get pregnant, you better keep it, you filthy slut. And when it comes out you better not be a drain on the economy. No social programs or welfare for you! And we’ll tax you more on top of it! Basically, unless you’re a good doormat and marry a man, you deserve to be punished.


This is Gilead. They didn’t even have to overthrow the government. Just let their loud-mouthed ‘alpha’ man go up against a woman.

And the Schlaflys and Tomi Lahrens of the world don’t care. Cause they already have a privileged spot at the feet of men. As someone else on here said, men could take a shit in their mouth and they’d say “Thanks. Can I have another?”


I wonder what it would actually take for women to stand up and revolt.

I’m so disgusted with everything right now.

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