No really, it is for selfish reasons. A friend started posting lovely (photoshopped?) pics of her wedding several years ago to celebrate their anniversary and gosh darn it, for some reason instead of being annoyed, it triggered a 'sad'.

Don't get me wrong, i don't regret eloping, and given the life circumstances, was probably the best choice we've made. But we eloped with the plan to throw a reception a year later, and two months ago, i cancelled it. Most of my family couldn't make it, i was too stressed with all the planning, plus i'm in the writing and student teaching portion of grad school. So realistically it was the right thing to do and i don't regret it.


I guess today it kinda hit, that i won't have those pretty pictures, wedding cake, our registries are collecting dust, etc... and i feel selfish. It was our choice and it was a good choice, but this is one of the consequences. Now if i could get the thank you notes finished from last fall and the announcements of the marriage out for the folks who like those kinds of things, it might help me to move on... sigh... I hate my brain sometimes :(

ETA: Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your responses :) I showed this to mrchien and we're going to a fancy hotel in NorCal for our anniversary AND he's going to see if some of our friends will let us cat sit for a weekend, as a test run. ;)