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Welcome To The Bitchery

This cannot be a coincidence.

They just cast as a recurring actress Rosalind Chao as Governor. As you all know her from is Keiko O’Brien of DS9 and TNG. I think she was on TNG.


So we have

Alec O’Laughlin starred in Moonlight as a vampire.

Grace Park cast member of BSG.

Chi McBride cast member and colead on Pushing Daisies

Daniel Dae Kim, Jorge Garcia both from Lost. Terry O’Quinn recurring actor also from Lost.


Masi Oka from Heroes

Julie Benz not sure if she will stay recurring or full fledge cast member this season. From Buffy she played Darla aka Angel’s vampire mother.


William Sadler a rare recurring actor who plays McGarrett’s dead father was the Sheriff on Roswell. Blalock contributes that Sadler was also on DS9.

Scott Caan I do not think he was in any SF series. Anyone know.

Oh well cast Billy Mumy and you get a three fer Twilight Zone, Lost in Space and Babylon 5.


Hawaii 5-0 is still wthout a doubt the best show on tv. Major Crimes is second.

There needs to be a fanfic using their SF/Fantasy characters all in Hawaii. Who is up for the challenge.


Also the above is great for trivia.

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