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Hawaii 50 is Star Trek in many ways, original Star Trek

Like the Enterprise Hawaii is selfcontained with a large crew ie civilians and those who maintain it who gets many visitors in which some come in peace and others to bring havoc.

This occured to me watching Friday's episode last night on OnDemand.

McGarrett who like Kirk sees himself as the captain of Hawaii making sure its safe and goes after visitors who bring havoc. Like Kirk he is fun loving, jovial yet takes his responsibilities seriously. Kirk represents the best of the Federation McGarrett represents best of Hawaii.


Danno is an emotional Spock. Kinda by the book, is second in command. But like Spock he is an outsider who does not quite fit in. Will question McGarrett but ultimately fiercely loyal. Like Kirk all the members of his team are fiercely loyal to McGarrett.

Grover is like Dr McCoy really just a cop who landed in the task force. A curmudgeon and set in his ways. Like McCoy being the common sense to Kirk, Grover fits the same role.

Chin like Scotty makes sure the office computers are running and aimed at the right suspects. Unlike Scotty, Chin has a huge backstory. Like Scotty he lands in trouble through no fault of his own Most of the time.

Max is like Checkov, naive in many ways but good at his job

Kono like I envision Janice Rand would have been like if she stayed post season one. A rookie who started as support yet moving quickly in the inner circle and becoming pivotal in away teams.


Jerry like Uhura great at information gathering. Yet I am not sure where he fits. He actually is kinda close to Whoopi's character on TNG who has information that is so arcane kinda worthless yet pivotal.

The outdoor restaurant owner well he is Mudd if Mudd took over the Enterprise cafeteria. Both have same bombastic totally selfconfident attitudes yet fun.


I cannot be the only one who sees the link between the shows. If they do make a new Star Trek series O'Loughlin would be my first pick at captain. He would have been perfect as Kirk in the remake granted the remake would have to have been set in year four of their original voyage

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