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Last night was a case a rookie on his first day could have solved. I figured the daughter was involved as soon as the boss said his employee and the daughter knew each other.


I am convinced the writers care far more about the Danno/McGarrett banter and the side stories then the crime. I cannot stand Melanie Griffin. Her voice and laugh to me seems so fake. Maybe it isn't it just seems it. Also who played Danno's father. He looked vaguely familiar.

Also the cast is getting to big. Where was Chi McBride. McGarrett's roommate played the same character in another show about a prison where prisoners were propelled from the 1960s to today. Very annoying character thats fun for 5 minutes but thats it.


Am I alone in this. I bet Jack Lord is none to pleased. Is his McGarrett this McGarrett's grandfather? Not sure. Its been said over and over the family has been in Hawaii for many generations.

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