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Hawaii Five O Tonight Homage To Vicious?








Part of tonights episode was about Danno while wounded fantasizing about his future. A future where he has no SO but Steve McGarrett. It confirms they are really a same sex couple who right now do not realize it.


Last fantasy was straight out of the PBS show Vicious you can feel the love for each other while they bicker. Steve is obviously Ian’s character. The pipe was a nice touch that Steve had.

I hope this episode will make Danno realize that when they say “I love you” to each other its more then just a joke.

I was furious when Chin and Danno were let go but I like Tani who it looks will take over Five O in the future.

Although I think it leads to an interesting discussion can two members of the same gender be each other’s SO but not be sexual ie still be heterosexual but realize the SO in your life is a member of the same gender? Which would be more then Best Friends but not lovers Danno and Steve would fit this catagory. Yes if what I wrote is stupid you are free to say part of me thinks it could be.


Note I just watched the first episode will watch second Saturday night so careful on spoilers.


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