Who are your Athlete Crushes GT??!

I don't know if it is any mystery to those people who follow me that I am a big sportsball person! I love sports so much, though I will say I am not a HUGE basketball fan. I don't follow anything with a die hard passion except for Baseball and International Soccer (if you care, the Spanish and Argentine leagues). And not necessarily because there are hot people on the field, but that doesn't hurt, AT ALL!

What are you Sportsball crushes right now? I am sharing a few of mine, but believe me there are many. Also I get frustrated with the formatting so I don't even know how this is going to display :(

I present first, Yoenis Cespedes. OMG, not only does he have amazing eyebrows, but he is a phenomenal baseball player that has contributed to my team's AL West dominance. (YUP that's right)


Next up Richard Sherman...oh yaaaah. I don't care what you think about the Seahawks/Football. whatever, this is where it is at. Sorry I know there is a contention with JJ, but nope. at leat for me :P

Next: Neymar, Brazilian National Team starter and forward/winger for FC Barcelona. Which is my club of choice in Spain. I posted a nice SFW picture, but if anyone wants to find him on instagram...O.M.G!


His teammate on both teams, Dani Alves, is what we call a fenomeno- he is an amazing defender! And while less conventionally handsome, he definitely floats my boat. Then again I have a thing for defenders...i married one.