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Hazy Memory

I have this hazy memory of a cartoon I used to watch as a kid, about a kid named Max, his little magical (non-human) friend, and an ambiguous bad guy. I hear their voices everywhere, but never took the time to look them up. I just heard one of the voices, so I decided it was time to ask Google a rather long-winded question: “What is the 1990s cartoon max kid?” Its spectacularly accurate answer: Mighty Max!


It was so simple! How could I not remember that? I still couldn’t tell you much about the premise, or the show, but here’s the opening titles.

It is all so very familiar. Apparently, the only way to watch it now, is on bad recording transfers from VHS on YouTube. I want to dust off my memories of this show—it was my favorite! Even more loved than DuckTales and Tailspin and Animaniacs! Maybe I thought the boy was cute, but I’m pretty sure I just liked the adventures. I know I loved the voices.

Does anyone else remember this? Am I an exceptionally old?

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