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Welcome To The Bitchery

They don't have any other choice.

You work retail? What do you want to do eventually though?

Anyone can dig a ditch.

I would never date a guy who didn't finish college.

I know this will get a response about how not all persons with college degrees are like this but this is my defensive response to my lived experience.


This attitude that the best interest of the working class should be guarded by those with college degrees or current university students. The idea that those pieces of paper from higher education are of greater value than a skilled trade. That a person with a skilled trade isn't aware of social problems or of issues in their own work environment and that the best person to address those problems is someone with a PhD.

It isn't a new thing. The upper class educated folks have always taken impoverished under their wing as special interest projects believing that their money and education means they have what we lack to save ourselves. It is a running theme that involves looking down on a group. It is when helping a group turns into an attitude of saving a group.


I'm not saying charity work isn't good or that you shouldn't give to those in need. I'm saying it is important to reflect on your ideas about who you are helping and helping vs saving.

Do you think you are their savior?

Do you look down your nose as you offer your assistance?

It is more than a little annoying.

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