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He. Signed. The. Paperwork. He signed the paperwork. HE SIGNED THE PAPERWORK.


This means that he's not going to argue the divorce and I can do my little divorce deposition next week and once everything makes its merry way through the court system I will be officially, legally, single. And I GET MY NAME BACK!

I miss my name. I never realized before how awesome my name is. It's unique and associates me immediately with some pretty cool people.


Thanks, Gus. And you're pretty spectacularly cool, too, even though my name doesn't associate me with you.


I'd like to thank all the little people. I'd like to thank my lawyer, whose letter to Asshole explaining the need for him to sign the paperwork allowing the divorce to continue was damn fine. I'd like to thank the Academy. I'd like to thank Asshole for being such an amazing turd of a person. I'd like to thank GT and all the people who helped me realize just what an amazing turd of a person I was married to. I'd like to thank the Nanobots, and my family. I'd like to thank all the men who ground my self-esteem into the ground over the years, finally making it so horrifyingly low that Asshole's manipulations worked on me.

My self-confidence may still be pretty low (no, Bumble, I'm not ready to bop anyone on the noggin with my boobs), but my self-esteem DEFINITELY isn't low enough for that any more.

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