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He speaks!

I totally thought his voice would be deeper.

Key points from Mueller’s press conference:

1. He resigned.

2. Said he won’t testify in front of congress.

3. Reiterated some points from the report and took no questions.

4. Barr was not on stage with him.

5. Reiterated that if they decided the president had committed no crimes - they would have stated that explicitly.


6. And that DOJ rules prohibit charging a sitting prez.

7. And that includes not being allowable to file secret charges (or something like that).


8. Hit hard the interference in the 2016 election.

9. And that the efforts were focused on harming Hillary.

10. He said he asked Barr to release certain parts of the report (I think the summaries).


11. Instead Barr released the entire report.

12. I bet Barr did that on purpose bc he knew no one would read the whole report - but would read summaries if they were released first.


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