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Head Sprouts!

What is it about this trend that makes me smile? It’s so strange, yet so cute!


From the NYT article:

When the trend started a few months ago, it was usually just a humble bean sprout clipped to the hair and erect like a little green flagpole. The slim green shoot seemed to offer some kind of mute protest against the gray, stressed environment of the city.

But as the fad ramped up, especially during the current National Day holiday week when Beijing fills with visitors, it has escalated and diversified to include a riot of plastic vegetation. Now heads are bristling with clover, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, lavender, mushrooms, chilies, cherries, gourds and pine trees.

I really like the concept of bringing nature into a concrete world, even in unconventional ways. Though it does remind me a lot of a combination of Kazoo and Nibbler.



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