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Ugh. So I'm in a FB group called The League of Extraordinary Beer Drinkers. It's usually fun to see what other people are drinking and razz the folks who post pics of things like Bud Light.

The other day, there was a photo posted of two women painted up to look like Coors Light cans, and I sort of groaned internally and let it scroll by, because I'm soooooo very much in the minority in this group. There are over 15,000 "members" and if 10% of us are women, I'd be shocked.

At the moment, there is a debate about whether or not those kinds of things should be finding their way to the group. Most people are "no, not really, it's not really about beer" but there is one guy who is all "eh, relax, just scroll if you don't like it."


I am sooooo so so so so close to just giving him a FUCK YOUUUUUUU but I won't because I don't have time to be starting FB wars today.

But I could use some support, even though I don't really know what form that could take.

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