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I’m not sure who’s the bigger idiot, me or my new neurologist* who I’m liking less with each new discovery. Apparently either she was unclear or I misheard (though I’m thinking she was unclear since I have a med with very similar dosage from a different doc and he went over it like six times to be sure I was clear) and so I accidentally doubled the dosaged ‘cause that’s what it says on the bottle and that’s why my head’s been exploding for a few days.

I think I need to switch docs before this one accidentally kills me, since I already had a melt down in her office a few days back. I’m currently very wary of taking anything that increases my seretonin since I’ve tried three meds and they’ve all given me horrible burning headaches. So I tell that to this doc and of course she wants to put me on another one and doesn’t even bother giving me a good reason for why (or bother telling me that it ups seretonin).

How are y’all doing with docs lately?

*eta: who is a physicians assistant. And in extra blame on my part, when referring me to this office, my primary care physician did warn me about the assistants and said that I should only see the MD.


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