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Heads up to our North Carolina GT'ers (and other political shadiness OT)

For alla y’all in NC, you may wanna make some calls/write letters/email your LOCAL (state-not federal!) reps today/tomorrow, because it looks like the R-side State Senators pulled sime major fuckery at a bit before 3 am on Saturday morning.

Evidently they didn’t like the fact that the D’s were putting up so many amendments to the budget, so they called a recess, huddled in another room, stripped out LOTS of funding to the Dem’s districts for things like the Arts & Education, then came back saying they’d given them a boost in funding for fighting the Opaite Addiction crisis in their districts...

Which they *technically* did—but by stripping out most/all the funding in those districts for other desperately needed things (like a Teacher Training program in one of the areas with the highest new-teacher turnover rates in the state😠).


And then they railroaded the vote on the bill through, just a couple minutes after it was submitted:

This was evidently the budget that the D’s were trying to amend, previous to the R huddle:


And here’s the tweet that was at the top of my feed when i opened it this morning (which is the only reason i know about the vote!)


What’s happening in the waning days of YOUR legislative sessions?

I know here in MN Governor Dayton just vetoed a bunch of independently-standing budget bills from the R’s in the legislature


(he told them in advance that if they sent them that way, they’d ALL get the veto pen, but they did it anyway—most likely as a political strategy to get more votes in ‘18🤔😒😒), and we’re possibly headed to an extended session.

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