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Health and how to be in shape?

I want to do something to lose weight and increase my health all around. Taking a long hard look at my family during this holiday season has been...disturbing. Diabetes (type 2) is rampant in my family and a close relative recently experienced kidney failure. She has to go on a dialysis. I don’t want that to be in my future.

That brings me to exercise, specifically couch to 5k. Has anyone ever done it? I tried it a few months ago and one day just flat out exhausted me for the next 4 days. Not even muscle soreness, just exhaustion. Is that normal? I’m very out of shape, but the last time I got into a work out regimen things weren’t that awful. I’d also like to alternate running with things that are a cardio/toning combo like kickboxing.


Anyone have tips on how to make couch to 5k an easier transition? I think I’m deeper in the out of shape hole than just “couch”. Would also love to share our favorite workouts that are on YouTube AKA free! Like gif party, but with more sweat! My favorite one at the moment (great for post election fallout frustration) is this kickbox-y one by Yumi Lee! What are your fave YouTube workouts?

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