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Health anxiety pt II

Hiiii again, it’s been a week since I posted about having an abdominal ultrasound taken because I’ve been experiencing abdominal burning or discomfort that is either persistent or comes and goes for almost 3 weeks now. The ultrasound didn’t show anything wrong, so that’s good, but the feeling is still here, and it’s just constantly in the back of my mind.

I set up an appointment with a GI doctor, but it’s not for another month :\ I guess that’s typical.


I wonder if this is stress-related? But would stress cause chronic discomfort? This started right after I had a pathology exam, but then I had spring break and I wasn’t stressed over spring break except for the fact that I had this discomfort. So maybe stress/anxiety about the feeling is causing it or making it worse? Not to mention, school constantly stresses me out.

And I’m also now getting myself into even more anxiety because I’m like, “What if it’s ovarian cancer???!!” because I’ve read extensively that OC symptoms seem to manifest like GI issues. But other than abdominal discomfort and occasional gassiness (sorry, TMI), I don’t think I have other symptoms of OC. My appetite is fine. I’ve gained 6-7 pounds since I last got my weight checked (September), but since I don’t check my weight regularly, this could just be weight gain over a few months. Plus, I was on vacation for a week recently and didn’t really eat well. I made an appointment with my gynecologist to talk to her, so hopefully that will clear things up a bit, as well.


The feeling I have is just warmth or burning or sometimes a bit of a pressure on the right side of my abdomen, mostly confined to the upper part. The burning feeling happens mostly at night/during sleep/in the morning. I don’t think it’s gastric issues because the stomach is more on the left side.

I’m just worried overall :( I’m not in pain, but I don’t like this uncomfortable feeling. I want it to go away.

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