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After combing through gads of google, I can't find an answer that it written in a language that I understand. It looks like English, but.. um.. yeah.

Anyway, I've wanted to start taking Zinc as a supplement and am having a incredibly hard time doing so without getting excessive slobber mouth or nausea. If I can't huff and puff power my way through that, then I get vomitty. NOT. FUN.

Does anyone take it successfully? How? Are there different forms out there that my stomach might handle better? What kinds?


2nd thing:

Adult acne. Fair skin. I need a scar removal/lessening lotion or the like that isn't expensive. I have jojoba and grapeseed oil, and they do barely help. The problem with my acne is that it tends to reappear in the same spot or as close to the old spot as possible.

I need an arm chair dermatologist, dammit.

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