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Health Insurance Policy Debate Question

Can anyone point me in the direction of some good analysis or source material on this “selling insurance across state lines” business that keeps popping up in Republican alternatives to the ACA?

I could Google it and then wade through the search results for something reputable, but I’m hoping that someone here will have already done that and be able to give me a vetted starting point.


My main points of confusion are:
To start, I thought that selling across state lines was already possible under the ACA’s provision for compacts between states and that only like three states passed laws permitting out-of-state sales and no insurers expressed any interest in actually selling across state lines?
And to continue, I don’t understand why cross-border sales would be expected to reduce costs or improve coverage for individual plans. Wouldn’t insurance companies move to the least regulated states, or the lowest cost of regulation state? And if my insurance company is out-of-state and not licensed by my state, how do I address my grievances - my state can’t help me, so I just have to hope that the state the insurance company is in has the resources to help me and the inclination to do so?

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