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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Health or burn out

So many things happen that I want to write to you all here about (sad, funny, etc.) but then I’m too tired and put it off. Then in no-time it becomes so much that it’ll be a post too long to even want to read. So here, in no particular order, a list of what’s been happening lately :)

1. I don’t know if I’m burnt out due to my health issues, or if my health issues were a sign of me being burnt out six months ago. I biked home crying monday, but wednesday work was fine.


2. I now fall under the health insurance act and work far less than I did. My boss hired a health & service.. thing (a combination of a company doctor and work capacity specialist) who gave the advice of me working 3 half days a week and not a minute more. I was shocked, relieved, ashamed and saddened. Clearly these people saw what I didn’t want to see: for whatever reason we don’t yet really know, I am actually pretty seriously ill. My boss is treating it very seriously and the content of my work will be light and undemanding, so as to help me recover and experience no stress.

3. Gawd humans can sleep a lot. On my day of Tuesday I slept 15 hours, today I slept a good 12. And that’s after having slept most of last week. wtf.


4. A doctor offered me a nose job. Context : I went there yesterday to check why I can’t breathe very well at night (At night I turn into Darth Vader) and it’s due to my deviated septum, the right side just has no space for air. This didn’t used to be a problem because I had medication due to chronic sinusitis, the sinusitis is gone but apparently the meds made sure I could breathe. He offered an operation and went “we could just do a functional one, or we could fix the outside while we’re at it!” Me :

I’ll just stay me thanks

5. I spend my non-working hours under strict rules too: minimise all stimuli. Hence a lack of screens.

6. MY NEW HOUSE IS AMAZING YOU GUYS! One of these days I’ll take photos and show you!


7. So is boobieguy who has done all the groceries and dinner things and everything this week to allow me to sleep and relax. Even worked home today to wait for a repairman so that I wouldn’t have to stay awake to wait for him and went with me to the doc to get my blood drawn today and buy a present for my dad and our late christmas sesh. Whatever I need, he’s there.

How are you? Well I’ve been lurking a bunch so I know what some of you are up to but let me know anyway!! :D

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