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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Health question or suggestions, I guess??

I really didn't want my first post posting privilege post to be woe is me so I kind of went out my way to post earlier.

Mr apparently only has one functioning kidney and that one isn't functioning completely. We found out today. He has been going for follow up tests since a general panel test came up with odd results in December. They can't tell yet why the one kidney shut down or when. We have an official sit dine with the specialist next week to go through all the results.


I'm looking for diet advice and even maybe some "it will be fine". The specialist isn't worried worried because as he said, people go their entire lives with one kidney on the donor list.

So far I know sodium is bad and high protein is bad. Alcohol is going to go along with ibuprofen.


We also had couples therapy tonight which was such perfect timing because the session was already scheduled. Mr is doing alright but really shaken up. It's one of those he has zero health issues or problems so he is scared and in shock. Even the nephrologist is reaching out to peers for their input.

I won't really be replying tonight cause it's bed time and it's couple time before bed.


Sorry if I'm a bit rambly. I'm kind of all over the place mentally.


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