A share for those not in the know. This was something I spontaneously decided to get Husband and I to do in spite of both of us feeling pretty depressed. It's absurdly simple and is kinda designed for both the eternally unmotivated and the health gurus without condescending to anyone in between.

Since I wrote it, the people who read it have really liked it! Which surprised me a lot! Hell, I put infomercial GIFS into it to make it more palatable! But people are actually doing things! In our home/s, I bought a bunch of frozen veggies and had a bag while eating a smaller section of pizza than I normally do (that's like THREE things that I wouldn't have done normally). Husband made himself a breakfast wrap (pb, banana, apple, walnuts) for tomorrow.

The non infomercial deal? Healthy and happy lives are filled with choices. Some people learn a lot of those choices growing up and some come to it naturally. Others, like me, don't come to healthy/happy choices naturally. This goofy "program" makes each day one choice better. Those choices can become habits and those habits can become your life.

Note: This isn't a weight loss or solely body-focused thing. You make your choice/s about whatever YOU need. One of my things was COMMUNITY! YEA. and I picked up a bunch of dog shit that people have left along my street. Healthy, happy, cleaner, less clutter, more social, more studious, better friend, better daughter or son, or better jouster. Whatever you feel you need to make a positive choice in... it's totally up to you.

TL:DR Here's a post about positive things we're doing for ourselves! Isn't that great!!!