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Healthcare.gov Complaints

Ok, so the media has been consistently and continually reporting about how frustrating the website Healthcare.gov can be. I've heard so many reports about how you can't get prices for plans without going through a lengthy sign-up process, and the site crashes, etc. I decided to give a go. I went to the site, saw that I could get a sample of plans based on where I live. I opted to do that, and was asked about 4 or 5 basic questions. Once I answered those questions I was presented with 71 plans. I decided to see what the best programs were, so I clicked on the Gold plans. I would pay between $170 to $233 per month - this is before any discounts offered based on income, and this is for some of the best coverage plans. If I chose the "catastrophic" option I'd pay much, much less. This took me about 2 minutes. I'm not kidding. 2 minutes. By the way, my plan at my last employer cost me over $250 per month, and it was crap coverage. This little exercise has me seriously excited about healthcare plans. I've been without coverage for over a year, and it's going to feel really, really good to have decent coverage again. I can't wait to sign up!


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