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I just read this article in The Atlantic advocating a “healthy-ish” approach to eating, and I am restraining myself from sending it to everyone I know because it just speaks to me.

This is likely a function of where I live, but it seems like everyone I know is on some fad diet or eliminating some food in search of the elusive holy grail of “health”. I’m not talking about people with real allergies or health issues that restrict their diets. I’m talking about otherwise completely healthy people espousing extreme food philosophies to cure some nebulous malady or achieve some higher plane of existence or whatever. And while my general approach to life is “you do you”, when people feel the need to tell me about how their bacon is healthier than my perfectly-reasonable-and-absolutely-delicious-white-beans-and-kale-on-toast (which for some reason happens relatively often amongst a subset of my family), it’s a bit hard to stomach.


In terms of my own eating, I have no energy for extreme diets or banning particular foods. I like food, and god dammit, some days I’m going to eat a cookie. Or a piece of meat. Or a gluten. Or whatever. I just try to 1) eat some semblance of a balanced diet most days, 2) not stuff myself into oblivion, and 3) keep the sugar intake to a dull roar. If I go overboard one day (or week), I try to reign it in the next. Ultimately, I’m interested in making and eating food that tastes good, and luckily my taste buds aren’t that in to processed foods, so it tends to be healthy-ish. Hence my feeling when I read the article of “Yes! Someone gets it!”.

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