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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Calling All Meal Planning & Couponing Warriors!

So this was an idea/question I brought up in Groupfit yesterday: who is interested in participating in group meal planning?

If there's one thing in life I love, it's food. See Exhibit A:


I also adore being crazy organized and saving money while trying to eat healthy. I swear it's not as annoying as it sounds (I hope).

Here's kind of what I'm envisioning, and I'm happy to point a weekly post to keep this going, but please help me with suggestions, funny gifs, criticisms, and witticisms:

1. Weekly post (probably Saturday or Sunday) to post your upcoming meal plan for the week.

2. Links to recipes you plan to use (since I'm sure all of you are going to have some serious nummies to share).

3. Post questions/tips/tricks on saving money, repurposing leftovers, turning 1 ingredient into multiple meals, etc.


Here's where I have questions:

1. Should there be "teams" (either on here or email) for specific allergies, dietary restrictions, other?


2. Would anyone want to do a "weekly recipe/ingredient challenge"?

3. If there are enough people in a specific geographic region, does anyone want to do a gourmet group? (Meet once a month to cook a meal together - the Captain and I would both be really into this).


4. Should there be any kind of specific platform or format participants should try to use to make sharing recipes and plans easier?

5. What haven't I thought of?

I totally admit that my enthusiasm for starting this is mostly selfish, as I voraciously read all of the food posts (man, ya'll are some damn good cooks), and I tend to stay more on point when I have other people expecting me to organize and do something. Such is life!


Soooooo...anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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