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Welcome To The Bitchery

We went to my favorite thrift shop. It has a book area with chairs that are comfy. So I saw no books I wanted.

I sat down and took out of my pocket my Nintendo 2ds (a 3ds that’s does not fold). A man sat next to me.

I am playing Monster Hunter Generations. I am playing in Prowler Mode as a Palico. Its a warrior cat. My two assistants are also Palicos one for gathering the other for fighting. I chose the quest to get 8 Abyssal Mushrooms. I had 50 minutes to complete the quest but you can put it in sleep mode to suspend play.

Illustration for article titled Heard a Sad Tale While Sitting In Thrift Shop, legal quandry too (phone call)

So suddenly the guy sitting next to me pulls out out his phone. The phone was a cellphone. He looked early 60s but he said he was 70 on the phone.

He called up the Prosecutors Office. He had the phone on blast and could hear everything from the other end.

His daughter borrowed his car. His daughter does not have a license so her male friend drove it. The cops pulled them over for dealing drugs, opiods. The daughter’s charges were dropped since she was a passenger.


The car was impoumded. The man on the phone told the prosecutor he could not afford to pay to unpound it so it was taken as abandonded and resold.

The 70 year old man thought the car should have been handed back to him and he wants money for the loss of car since his daughter was not charged and the car was his.


The prosecutor told him there was not much she could do but would look into it. She did say he could sue his daughter since she was responsible for it at time of arrest.

He was none too pleased about that.

Yes he knew I was sitting next to him. No clue why he called with a stranger sitting there talking about very personal details. I assumed he did not care.


I did prove to myself I am good in multitasking. I heard the entire conversation and got all 8 Abyssal Mushrooms. I was also sad about what the man went through, I would bet the daughter knew what her friend was going to do with her dad’s car and it seemed like such a betrayal of trust. Maybe she did know though.

Lesson don’t let someone borrow your car just to let another one drive it. Actually be careful lending your car especially if borrower does not have a license to drive.


Did the state bungle the handling of the car? I am not sure what else they could have done. The car was used during the criminal act and how would the state know the father was not part of the drug sale since it was his vehicle.

Legal nightmare he found himself in.

My mother was shopping around in the store. She said was in no rush since she saw me “playing a game” as she worded it. She took 45 minutes and bought a sweater for herself. That’s it.


This is twice this month I heard phone calls in stores which the person calling should not have made in front of me.  I swear they see a person playing a videogame and think the person is deaf. Nope. Its from years of watching tv and doing homework, it made me a good multitasker.

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