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Heard This Cover Did Not Care For It But Discovered Backstory Is Far More Interesting

Out shopping today I heard thus cover. The song was Killing Me Softly. The cover was by the Fugees. I prefer Roberta Flack version.,,

Well I always thought it was written by or for Roberta Flack. Nope Flack version is also a cover. Original recording is by Lori Leiberman.Now authorship? Becomes a mess..


Here is the Leiberman version sung on the Mike Douglas Show. Mike Douglas had a long running syndicated talk show. A unique interviewer asked good questions and did it in a way that he came acrosS totally interested and nice. Yes fluff but it was always about the interviewed not about him. At least that how I remember. Memories as you know are tricksters.

Killing Ke Softly is not about murder. Lori says it was inspired when she saw Don McLean on stage and how she felt. The writers dispute this callling it a myth although McLean sides with Lori.

The McLean song that is attributed to her feeling of Killing Me Softly is Empty Chairs. Does it make you feel like he is killing you softly with his song like it did Lori?

Didn’t for me I like American Pie more. Good song though. I assume everyone is familiar with this classic 70s song, Killing Me Softly.


Double linked article sing kinja sometimes eats links.

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