We were out and a store was playing this song.

Its from the movie Tommy the song is Pinball Wizard singer is Elton John. 1970s Elton John was fantastic even 1980s Elton John a truly talented singer and piano player. Too many folks forget this.


I recall in the 70s every Pizza Joint had pinball machines. I loved as a kid watching the teens and twentysomethings sometimes older just playing these games. I have been a videogame gamer since the Atari but never saw folks in a zenlike focused one with the machine as I have seen with Pinball players.

It occurred to me I do not recall last time I saw a Pizza Joint with a Pinball Machine. Oldish videogame arcade systems yes. But Pinball no.

I thought how many here when you were young experienced a really good pinball player playing. I bet few born post 1990.

Any oldsters recall watching really good pinball players and some were wizards playing. I loved the cacophany too. Watching really good players left me at least in awe. Anyone else.


I know there has a few videogame pinball games on consoles and handhelds. but they can never equal standing either with back straight or leaning right in and just hittting the flippers and watching ball go in controlled bounces. The top half wildly moving numbers higher and higher up.

Anyone miss heyday of pinball machines. Anyone here a Pinball Wizard.