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Heard This Story Today Scary About A Senior Citizen (tw graphic elder abuse possible)

Somethings you hear and want to say “no way maybe it did happen as told” but logic test fails.

We were at a fleamarket. This is going to be our last Saturdsy there. Its down to regular dealers with so few new ones. Two weeks left and well its not worth going back plus its chilly early mornings.

Like always we go our different ways then I go find her when its time to meet and go across the road to the other side of fleamarket. We should have gone to other side first it was slightly better.


Well I met my mother praying she bought little. She did buy little though she was buying an item from this one dealer.

The dealer suddenly talked about his father and how he died.

The dealer said that:

He got a phone call from the Nursing Home (NH abbreviation not the state). His father was 94. The NH said he had fallen out of bed. His father broke his neck, blood on the brain and lacerations which resulted in 28 stitches.

My mother said “how do you get lacerations falling out of bed”.

The dealer said “right” that he asked to see the worker who found him but was refused. The dealer said he was infuriated the NH head repeatedly said “he was 94". The dealer said he told the admin he did not care if he was 104 this should never have happened.


He said his father died in the hospital two days later although right before he died the hospital was going to send him back to the NH. The dealer said he was mad and refused to allow it.

The dealer said he told his kids to never, ever send him to a NH.

I believe the dealer is right. He should sue and his father was beaten. Falling out of bed the head would not be the first thing to strike the ground. Your back or shoulder would. A concussion maybe. It would be a bizarre fall to break the neck and get lacerations.


I do recall my late grandmother’s brother. When he got Alzheimers and was put in a NH he suddenly got very violent at times there and paranoid. He thought he was in WW2. Growing up I cannot recall ever seeing him angry let alone violent my mother and late grandmother was shocked.

My hunch is the NH is covering for a patient.

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