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Guess what everyone?

You can sexually harass every single female member of a science department at a major university for 2 years and the university will allow you to come back!

You can touch women without their consent, bully, sexually harass, demean, and verbally abuse them and be allowed to graduate with your degree!


My university can hear about someone harassing EVERY SINGLE WOMAN in a department for as long as they've been there, and think, "Yup, they should come back and graduate."

They told me I should get a no contact order, when I told them in my hearing that the mandatory graduate classes, intimate office arrangements, and smaller nature of the department mean that is functionally impossible.

I'm angry and hurt. I haven't made it out of bed today. I haven't eaten. I missed 3 classes, and I can't even bring myself to play a video game.

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