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Heart-Wrenching [Update]

I have a lot of friends online and one is going through something terrible and all I can do is tell her how much we support her and I’m really, really kinda freaking out on her behalf. (TW?: abuse?)

We play this MMO where political ties are very important, and my guild is one of the most powerful on the server. Our guild leader is this amazing woman that is friendly, fun, smart, active, and is adored within our guild (and for the most part, outside our guild) to a crazy degree. She’s been dating this man for 7-8 years and was living with him until they broke up in the last week. He also plays the game we play.


Today I’m sitting in our voice chat channel when I hear her say “listen, I need you to report (ex) right now so he can’t type ingame. Now.” And then he offers in global chat to give out her nudes. We all report him of course, on every account we have logged on, and we get every person we have even the slightest contact with to report him as well so he can’t actually give anything out ingame since he can’t type. I send her a private message to express our support and she tells me he’s threatening to give these pictures out on Facebook as well, in a place where we can’t protect her as voraciously as we can in our game. Just listening to her talk about this makes me literally nauseous. I want to put in a ticket to the Internet to get this fucking ex banned until he learns not to be a fucking shithead.

Update: He sent messages to her family, friends, and boss, and told her he’ll take “further action” when he wakes up in the morning. There’s precedent in Michigan to get a restraining order based on the threat of releasing nudes, but it’s Labor Day and she doesn’t already have a lawyer and even if she did the time frame is within hours so that’s probably out. Luckily she talked to her boss and her boss isn’t angry so she won’t lose her job, but....times when I wish murder was legal...

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