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Yesterday was cold and drizzly, and my entire family has been suffering from the post-holiday blues. We took down the tree and lights on Sunday, and even knowing that we had to do so to make room for baby things, it was still sad. The kids both had a crummy time at school yesterday, and we were all feeling very blah.

There was a surprise Amazon box waiting for us on the porch when we got home, though! It contained a 6 pack of black bean and lime soup cups and 2 boxes of dehydrated berry crisp pouches. The kids were super-excited and split a bag of the berries right away, and my daughter had a cup of the soup with a scoop of rice for dinner. She has a pouch of the berries in her lunch today, too. We were just bemoaning our inability to get good fresh strawberries last weekend. We can't pay $5 a quart, and even if we could, I refuse to pay that much for mostly flavorless ones from California.

So HUGE thanks to the sender. You brightened everyone's day, and really made the kids' night! Thank you so very much! Consider yourself internet-hugged x 4!


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