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My head is hurting trying to lead into this, so I'll just drop it down:

my 4-year-old son needs to get an echocardiogram.

Why does he need an echo?

Because the cardiologist saw in his EKG something that could be an enlarged ventricle.

Why did he have an EKG?

Because if you have any family history of heart trouble (for example, a paternal grandfather who died of a heart attack at the age of 48 and whose parents both died of heart attack fairly young), you have to get an EKG done before you can get prescribed Aderall.


You're putting your son on Aderall?

Shut up. Don't judge me.

No, but seriously...

They apparently don't prescribe anything but Aderall for kids under 6 with ADD.

And you're sure it's ADD?

Yes. I love my son more than I can say, but handling him when he's out of control is a nightmare. I was initially kind of leery about putting him on meds, but I came around. And then there were just so many fucking hoops to jump through, and I hoped the Psychiatrist was the last hoop, and that the EKG was the last, last hoop, but there are yet more hoops. An infinitude of hoops. Flaming hoops. On top of shark-infested waters.


I can't deal with the idea of my son having a serious heart defect. I just don't know what to feel. PhMom says that if that's what it is, at least we find out early. I told her that was a silver lining, but that I'd prefer to have no clouds. And this is hardly the only thing stressing me out right now.

Here's hoping I learn to deal.