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I live in the Pacific Northwest and a lot of us don’t do heat very well (I’m also diabetic, which makes me even more of a weenie when it comes to heat). We don’t usually have to, but for a week of 90+ temps in August. Today we’re heading into our 4th heat wave this summer and it’s still only July. This morning when I looked at the weather forecast and there was no end in sight I almost started crying (the whole 10-day forecast is hot as balls). So, my life for the next week will be:

Avoiding leaving the office all day (my car’s A/C is broken and I can’t drive the company cars because I’m still a temp).

Avoiding cooking while feeling bad that I’m not doing a good job taking care of my family (I’ll plug in the crock pot in the laundry room if I have my shit together enough to get something ready).


Feeling really low energy and struggling to even get the dishes done.

Less tolerance than usual for a 12-year-old’s griping.

The house will be dark (keeping the blinds closed keeps the heat down).

The A/C (a portable and a window shaker) and fans will be going pretty much 24/7.

The hood fan in the kitchen will be on all the time because the metal vent that carries the vented air gets hot and very slowly radiates heat into the kitchen.

By 8pm it will still be uncomfortably warm inside the house, and it won’t cool down quite enough to get the house down to a good starting temp in the morning (Mr GV doesn’t like to leave a lot of windows open overnight, but he stays up pretty late venting the place).


Feeling bad that Mr GV would love to get out and enjoy the weather together, but I’m incapacitated if outside for more than 30 minutes (yes, he’s a grownup and can make his own fun, but I know he would enjoy it more with me and I would LOVE to be able to do more with him).

Two words: Shark. Week.

Oh, and my car will already be warm at 8:00am.

I’m trying to be positive, but it’s kind of like being under siege, so I just prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.


Feel free to dump your heat-related frustrations here. I’ll be contemplating a kiddie pool full of ice water for the living room.

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