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Heavens To Murgatroyd

If you ever decide to randomly meet and then quickly get engaged to another woman. Come out at 39 and get written out of your mother’s will for doing so. Then immediately try to immigrate to the United States with little to no planning...


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It’s almost killed me. But I’ve got everything here squared away, and just today lined up everything I need up to take advantage of a killer loophole that will get me an almost immediate green card. I don’t even know if I can wait till December 22 to make the big jump now. I’m headed to see her on Friday and I almost want to just do it then and not have to leave her ever again. Here are my passport style photos! Take my fingerprints! Thanks for the temporary I-551! Now direct me to the nearest Sonic!

We’re only 5.5 hours by land apart, and we’ve seen each other almost every two to three weeks... but holy frig is long distance ever hard! How do people manage this with thousands of miles between them, and for years!? We’re losing our minds after a few months and lots of time together.  


So yeah. ImmJoe is going to be Murrican soon. (This is sort of why I’ve been AWOL here, lots of moving parts.) 

Any tips on how to be Murrican?

(I’m going to sleep right now... but I’ll check back in the morning for all the advice you guys can lay on me.)

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