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2/6 Food Post.

These are old articles, but they are good ones. I’ll share the ones I’ve tried, and you are free to explore the rest.

The best thing about these posts is that not only do they give you a main dish, but they also give you a dessert and a suggested drink pairing, in true French style.

7. Sole Meunière

I suggest this one, mostly because A) I’m kinda lazy. And B) It’s simple and not overly complex as some of the other recipes. It’s light, fragrant, and goes amazingly well with anything citrus-related.


Here is the recipe.

13. Piperade

This one is also very simple, and very rich. Instead of using duck eggs, I personally substituted chicken eggs instead.

Find the recipe here.

27. Ratatouille

This one is fun. And of course you gotta try it. Because of the movie of course.


Here is the recipe.

44. Cod Accras (Also my personal favorite)

Deep-fried fish balls. What else can I say? (However, like the article suggested, have these in a sandwich! Especially with a crusty baguette.)


Here is a recipe.

Here’s the source of the other recipes:


If you don’t like the desserts in the first article, they also have another article full of other dessert ideas here:


Bonus: French Caribbean, French Pacific and French Indian Ocean Dishes.

Here’s a sausage rougail, from Mauritius and Reunion (Indian Ocean). If you can’t find Toulouse Sausages, you can substitute with others.


This Le Matoutou de Crabe, and it’s a dish from Martinique, normally served during Easter:


Here’s Creole Avocado from Guadalupe:


Bougna from New Caledonia:


And here’s a full set from French Polynesia (In particular, Tahiti)

With Poisson Cru as the appetizer:


Chevrettes a la vanille as the first main:


Poulet Fafa as the second main:


And Po’e as the dessert:



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