I couldn't really sleep last night because of what is going on with my BF's brother right now. I'm pretty close to the family and something just went down that's kind of mind blowing and I'm hoping some legal Jezzies can weigh in on the issue. There was a girl who had been after this brother for some time. Things are now surfacing about her motives, which we all kind of speculated. She has been wanting to move to her dream country for a long time and my BF's family happens to be from this country. Prior to them dating, she asked other girl friends of his how 'she could land him', which they thought was odd, but shrugged it off. They dated for about 3 weeks. She lived in OK, he in SC. After 3 weeks of doing long distance, she got pregnant. She also has another child by another guy in OK.

Brother moves her and her son to SC to move in with him. He provides for them, and she has a beautiful healthy baby. Fast forward 4 months, and she hates the location, and her feelings have changed for him, she tells him. She then tells him she is leaving in 3 days back to OK (who knows exactly where) with their baby and her other son. Her sister is flying down and they are packing a U-Haul and driving cross country back to where she wants.

He's absolutely heart-broken but hasn't put up a fight bc his job demands him being away weeks at a time, so he feels helpless. She also had been unemployed the entire time and he put them all on his health plan. He was going to close on a house in literally 2 weeks for all of them and put her name on the title but now is in the process of getting it removed. She took off today, the day he has to leave for work, only to come home weeks later, to an empty house.

It's become more apparent now that she may have pulled a Lifetime move to think being pregnant by him could help her chances of going to her dream country and be provided for. The entire (short) time she was with him, she was pushing him to move to that country and find work there, which (I know) he actually DID for 1 week.


She also had the audacity a few weeks ago to tell my BF at a wedding she "thought his family knew more people." as in had more connections in that country.


My question is, is that even legal to take their baby to another state just like that? Without him having a say in it? He doesn't know when he'll get to see the baby again and he is absolutely devastated. It's all just so fucked. Everyone has been super supportive but he's been pretty quiet. Other than that, now people in his family are finding out with the ripple effect and they are all pretty much flipping out.